1790s Dress

It's all cold and wet out today, so another post. This one is on all the things I'm considering when it comes to the dress that is the vanilla ice cream to the sundae that is my ensemble. (Too convoluted?) The dress doesn't necessarily have to be white cotton, but a) I'm focusing on the neoclassical aspect of the style and b) it'll look very nice in conjunction with a darker spencer or open robe.

Pictures below!


Mainly for the sleeve and hem treatments, and that interesting sort of harness thing. I think it's probably a thin length of cloth that wraps around the body, not an applied, sewn-on decoration.


I like the red trim, a bit like the ceinture à la victime. I'm planning on shorter sleeves, though.


This one looks like it's been embroidered, and I definitely want to do some embroidery on the dress. It's a cute pattern, too.


From the V&A, of course. I like the idea of just doing a whitework Greek key around all the edges.