Discoveries in Gallery of Fashion

- Waist went up to just under the bust in 1794

- First appearance of crossover-front robe in November 1795

- First spencers in May 1796

- Waist goes up higher in the back than in the front in early 1796

- Waists go back down in back in May 1797

- Start seeing less volume in the front in March 1798, volume decreased overall in September 1798, and again in April 1800

- Waist drops a bit in September 1798, a bit more around June 1799

Things I'm Leaning Toward:

- "short full sleeves" (short meaning to the elbow, interestingly - they don't seem to be shorter than that unless it's a double-sleeve situation) drawn in with a ribbon, maybe

- chain pattern of embroidery around the hem, or this trim: