More Sources for My Thesis

Mostly paintings, but I also want to bookmark this.

Self Portrait, Angelica Kauffman, ca. 1780

Self Portrait in a Straw Hat, Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, after 1782

Lady Elizabeth Foster, Angelica Kauffman, 1784

Lady Elizabeth Foster, Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1787

Princess Louise Auguste, Jens Juel, 1787

Lady Lemon, by George Romney, 1787?

M Lavoisier and his Wife, David, 1788

Miss Martha Carry, Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1789

Comtesse de Sourcy, David, 1790

Mme Pastoret and her Son, David, 1791

Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna as a Child, Dmitry Levitzky, 1791

Marguerite Gérard, François Dumont, 1793

Belle-soeur de Madame Vigée Le Brun, Adèle de Romance Romany, early 1790s?

Portrait of a Lady, John Wesbrooke Chandler, early 1790s?

Madame Nicaise Perrin, Jean Charles Nicaise Perrin, early 1790s?

Mrs. James Arden, Gilbert Stuart, c.1794

Catherine-Marie-Jeanne Tallard, David, 1795

Madame Boyer-Fonfrède et de son fils, François André Vincent, 1796

Les Princesses Ielena et Alexandra Kourakine, Vladimir Lukitch Borovikovskii, ca. 1798

Madame Raymond de Verninac, David, 1799

Portrait of a Noblewoman with her Son, Jens Juel, 1799

Mme Recamier, David, ca. 1800

Miss Sweeting, Sir Thomas Lawrence, ca. 1800

Portrait of a Woman and Child, French Painter, 179?


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