Stone Fort Days!

This morning, as Mom and I drove to the Old Stone Fort Museum for their Stone Fort Days re-enactment, I was still finishing up the hem on my fichu and sewing on the twill tape ties for my hat.  But since it was more than an hour drive to get there, I had more than enough time to finish and get everything in place.

In the parking lot, with everything in place.  Hands strategically in front of the worst spot on the jacket, arms in the only position the sleeves look right in.

I never got around to looking into a hatpin, so I was in this position a lot of the time.  When there wasn't a breeze, the tape ties held the hat on just fine - but when it's windy, a hatpin is necessary.  I would have bought one from the vendor who had decorated hats, but she didn't have any (though her hats were very lovely).

Sorry, Mom, but I think you look great!  She's wearing a cotton print fichu, a cotton cap and shift, a wool shortgown (we thought early October would be cooler), an osnaburg apron, and a quilted petticoat. 
Honestly, I think it's the best shortgown I've seen in person or online.  So there.


  1. Your jacket is lovely! I really like the cuffs...I am too chicken to try to fiddle with them.

  2. Thank you! I really love the cuffs of the earlier 18th century a lot more than the ruffles you see when the française came out.


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