A New Year

I'm not going to detail what I made last year because it's a very short list, but I find it interesting to look over other peoples' lists of what they hope/plan to make in 2012.  And now that I've finished writing my thesis (fireworks, trumpets, cannons, etc.), I'm sure that I will be able to let myself sew more.

Sensible, probably will happen items:

- My first planned project is the 1911 corset sew-along.  I'm doing a seriously budget corset, with ticking (hey, the site said it was a good coutil substitute), my cotton twill tape, cable ties that I already have, and a busk taken out of a costume corset I made a while ago.  My plan is to make it slightly bust-supportive, but if that doesn't work out, I'll be making some kind of early bra-type thing. (Examples: a, b, c, d, and e.) Then, of course, I want to make a dress to go with it.  Specifically, a lingerie dress, probably a copy of one of the antiques that I have.  (I don't know if it counts for the purposes of this list, but I also intend to do a full condition report for each of my dresses, plus a pattern, and post them.)

- Good ca. 1775 stays.  I actually have them started, I just need to do the actual channels and whatnot.  This will allow me to make a plain gown for visiting re-enactments and things, in linen or a nice period cotton print that matches my blue linen petticoat so I don't need to make a new one of those (although I think I need to redo the waistband).

- Ca. 1836 outfit to wear to a Victorian streetwalk or two around next Christmas.  I have always wanted to go to one, but now I have it in my head that I can't go unless I have the best outfit of everyone.  And I think most people tend to go to bustle era for Victorian events, so I will stand out.

Schemes that may be mere fancy:

- A circassienne.  Not for me a polonaise, it must have tassels on it!  This is on the fantasy list because it's not very practical (maybe if I had local friends to meet with and have picnics ...), and because I'm not sure if there are any patterns of the no-waist-seam style, and I'm not that good at draping yet.

- A 1910s afternoon or evening dress to go with my lingerie dress.  This is a little more realistic, because it could be very simple and, of course, machine-sewn.

-  Finishing off the thesis ensemble.  I need outerwear, shoes, a reticule (or pockets ... it seems like there was a short period where they switch popularity back and forth), headwear, an open robe for evening.