Seam Treatments

I took a break from doing eyelets today to try out a few seams to see if I could replicate whatever is used on the mystery seam of the sacque.

First: the running stitch.

I can't see the stitches at all once the upper layer of fabric has been folded back, so I doubt this is it.

Second: slip stitch.

I can see the stitches, but they're very slanted - you can tell which direction each stitch is going in (up vs. down, I mean).

 Third: whipstitch.

I think this is it!  The stitches are identical, as they're all going in the same direction (around), and highly visible.  I also found it quicker than the slipstitch, though that might be my imagination.

For comparison:

 What do you think?


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    1. Thanks! I figured it was probably better to experiment than to hope someone came along to tell me the answer. :D


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