Tomorrow's Activities

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to be going over to Schuyler Mansion in Albany for From Close-Up to Afar: Historical Clothing in Museum and Media

Explore what it means to create historical clothing - both in the creation of reproduction period clothing for museum exhibits and staff, and the less-than-perfect costumes quickly assembled for museum film. Participants in this singular program will begin at Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site, where seamstresses from Peebles Island Resource Center discuss the painstaking research and construction methods behind reproduction period clothing made especially for site staff. The second part if the program moves across the river to Crailo State Historic Site, where staff member and seamstress Erica Nuckles examines the whirlwind environment behind creating less than accurate costumes for Crailo's award winning film, "Keeping Order: A Fort Orange Court Record."
 I'm excited!  I've never actually been to the Schuyler Mansion (though there is a Schuyler House down the road in Schuylerville) or Fort Crailo.  I plan to recharge my camera battery tonight and take as many pictures as they allow.