A Worthy Attachment

I'd like to take a little break from writing about sewing for a little self-promotion.  Back in very early 2011, I submitted a short story to the Jane Austen Made Me Do It story contest.  I didn't win (and didn't even check to see how many votes mine got, because I am a coward), and I didn't do anything with the story afterward.  Recently my mother published a book she wrote on Amazon, and I started thinking about all the writing I used to do, and my old dreams of being a full-time writer - well, I have a lot going on (if that can said to be the case when one is unemployed) and the direction my life's taken means that it's a unlikely career!  I tend to write shorter fiction, anyway, so it occurred to me that using Kindle Direct Publishing might be a nice way to go. 

So I decided to put up my Austenesque short story, A Worthy Attachment, as a 99-cent ebook, with a few days of promotional freeness for anyone who'd like to take a look.  I think it's cute?  If you're looking for a little something Regency you might like it as well!


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