Dress University

I had a very good time!  There were a few mishaps with my planned off-campus accommodations, but the classes themselves were great.  I got to meet people I'd only ever met online, see a lot of beautiful clothing, learn about some subjects I hadn't thought much about before, bought some amazing hairpins, and built up a good store of ambition.

But I know what you really want - pictures.  (I freely admit that I'm not sure who most people in these are because I'm terrible with names and faces, so if you see yourself, please tell me!)

On Sunday, I went to a class on Heian-Era Japanese clothes, and because I was in (comparatively) light, short clothing I was asked to model, which was fantastic as I was going the whole weekend in plain-clothes and was a bit lot jealous of everyone else.

Many thanks to the wonderful Costume Diva for taking the pictures of me!


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