Galerie des Modes, 7e Cahier, 5e Figure

Marchande de modes carrying her merchandise in the city. (1778)
Drawing of a character, representing the marchande de mode, who carries her merchandise in the city.

A vast therese of black silk with turned-up edges, trimmed with gauze, covers her head and hides a part of her charms from the avid gaze of passersby; but her mantelet is arranged in such a manner to keep the elegance of her shape from escaping the viewer.

She is dressed in a robe unie,* trimmed with the same material in box pleats, as is the volant, and pulled up in the back with a ribbon in the manner of a polonaise.**

Stylish silk mittens, allowing the bracelet to be seen; green paper fan; contentement on the chest: nothing is lacking from the trimming.

* This could refer to the gown and petticoat being of the same fabric, or the gown fabric being unpatterned.
** Note, "en forme de polonaise" is the formulation used here for indicating a non-polonaise gown pulled up like a polonaise.