Galerie des Modes, 10e Cahier, 2e Figure

Young Lady in a morning peignoir, occupied in reading; she is coiffed en chien couchant with a negligée cap trimmed with black lace, the two lappets pulled up in the back and a rolled ribbon on a blonde lace barrier.  (1778)

The elegance of certain peignoirs has put the toilette table among the morning deshabillé: embroidered Indian muslin peignoirs trimmed with a rich lace, competing in price and grace with the most genteel undress.

This outfit also gives a very great ease and liberty, like all other undress clothes, and it agrees perfectly with an air of spreading disorder in all the clothes for undress: one would say that it lacks pretension, however, it is often an attribute of the best-planned coquetry.

The Figure represents a young Lady in a peignoir with a large collar and closed sleeves, with a trimming of gathered Indian muslin; the trim on the collar is a simple turned-up band.

The petticoat, untrimmed, has nothing remarkable in the way it is pulled up: a sweet foot, a pretty leg,  rarely agree with long petticoats.

If this young Lady is curious about her feet, it seems that her ears don't have the same advantage; they are hidden under vast nageoires, which accompany a chien couchant hairstyle, followed by two curls.

She is coiffed with a negligé cap, or a medium "black throat" cap; the papillon in round rolls, with a bouillon of black blonde lace around the cap and turned up at the back; wrapped ribbon on a barrier of blonde lace over the papillon; lappets pulled up peasant-style.

This beauty, little sensible of the caresses of her parrot, is uniquely occupied in looking through her collection of clothing; worrying over which outfit she will adopt for the rest of the day.