Galerie des Modes, 10e Cahier, 4e Figure

Middle class Actor studying his role while walking. (1778)

 Though the Dress of Men is less varied than that of Women, yet the little-masters are come to spread a great diversity in material, in trims and accessories; informal suits felt the strangest and most changes: we have occasion to give one by the following detailed description.

For the moment,this is a half beverlet* with a coupĂ© collar.  The word coupĂ©, in tailors' terms, when one is speaking of material, signifies a different color; straight sleeves with little matching buttons on them; beverlet lining, matching the vest and breeches in color; gold garters, with square d'Artois buckles.

Fur hat, the two hat stays pulled up on the sides; a gold cord around the crown and coming back to the front; large finger-curls in Marseilles style.

* A fabric of some sort, but I'm not sure what it consists of yet.