Galerie des Modes, 11e Cahier, 1e Figure

Elegant seamstress going to sell her work. (1778)

Elegant seamstress, going to sell her work; one expects that she is rushing her steps, and in order to keep from overheating, or for coquetry, she has taken off her mantelet with two tapered points and hung it over her arm.

Her gown is of Indian taffeta, made with a frilled collar, trimmed with spotted linen and pulled up through the pockets.  Volant is all around the petticoat; the apron is of apple-green taffeta; sabot cuffs trimmed in three rows, overrunning the sleeves.

She is coiffed with a medium "cock's comb" cap, with hanging lappets on a Swiss chignon, escorted by three curls; the black brush is placed according to taste or in the center of the coque.

A gauze kerchief is knotted around the neck and trails under the contentement.

This seamstress holds a panier with three hoops under her left arm; one of her apprentices accompanies her and carries the rest of the outfit.