Galerie des Modes, 11e Cahier, 4e Figure

Young Woman in genteel undress, coiffed in an English Hat, carrying a cane parasol, and walking with her dog. (1778)

The polonaise caraco is distinguished in front because it has no pleats, and because the bottom is rounded: such is what is presented in the Drawing.

It is trimmed with gauze in "bouquets" and in bands across; the bands serving as a frame: the volant matches this trim.  It is headed with a roll of gauze, supported with ribbon bows, with another ribbon winding around the roll.

The sleeves are ended by very high sabot cuffs, trimmed with two rows of pipes.

For a necklace, a puff of goffered filet lace, held in with a gold pin; the two ends descending over the chest, which they split into two hemispheres, and being lost under the contentement.

Egyptian hat, or bouillonnĂ© handkerchief pouf; the ruffle of black blonde lace, surmounted by a ribbon matching the color of the caraco; a hanging plume coming out of the pouf; a double heron aigrette escaping from the left side.  Hair au chien couchant, with two stylish large buckles, with the second resting on the shoulder.

Shoes with tapered quartiers, with quare bows; ebony parasol cane for shelter from the Sun's rays.