Galerie des Modes, 12e Cahier, 2e Figure

THE DISTRACTED WOMAN.  This woman, after being entirely dressed, remembers that she has not washed her feet, and is brought a basin by her chambermaid.  Her Gown is of wine-grey Gourgouran* trimmed with the same, the ribbon around the trim is sky blue, tied at intervals with little flowers.  The chambermaid is in a caraco of pale Buras. (1778)

In the preceding Figure we presented the toilette of the head; here is offered the toilette of the opposite extremity.  Better late than never: this is an old proverb of which the distracted woman makes a very good use, but it is always more agreeable not to be distracted and to occupy oneself with each thing in its own time.

Her gown is only remarkable for its trim, formed with a large band of gathered and ruched gauze, of which the center is covered with a bouillonné ribbon, attached with flower-knots.

The sleeves of the gown are lost under very high sabot cuffs, gathered bands, and similarly masked in the center with a bouillonné ribbon; the petticoat is trimmed with a large volant, covered on top with a ribbon matching that of the trim.

Hair in a shortened herisson, with two curls lying under a bunch of "flowers", matching those which hold the ribbon on the trim; the brush is on the front of the coque: "hill" cap; the gauze of the bonnet is pleated Ă  gouleau, as is the papillon; two Italian gauze lappets, hanging in the back; two narrow ribbons placed en barriere, as paths to defend the height of the hill.

The lady's maid is in a caraco of solid-colored buras, trimmed with the same material; apron of white linen, very full; medium cap, with a curl on the ear; ribbon wrapped around it, held by a pearl pin; ruched lappets.