Galerie des Modes, 8e Cahier, 4e Figure

Young Lady wearing a round cap with a "sleepyhead" kerchief, a Ribbon tied in a bow, 
a Polonaise, and a white mantelet.  (1778)

Plump and young lady taking the fresh air in the morning: she is dressed in a "flourishing tail" or "rounded rump" Polonaise* with very expansive wings, the whole trimmed with wide bands of gathered linen.  These polonaises, much more ample than the others, perfectly suit people whom nature has given a nice roundness or whose pregnancy will soon show.

Round cap with a large back, wrapped twice with a ribbon, forming a cockade on the top of the head below its two ends, pinked like a cock's comb; over the whole, a "sleepyhead" kerchief.**

White mantelet, very full, perfectly showing the graceful shape of a supple and cartilaginous body; large volante covering most of the petticoat, the top fluted and gathered into fat spindles.

Circular rosettes on shoes that completely cover the foot, and the height of the quartier*** seems to indicate that the beauty wished to avoid making any false steps.

* "à queue épanouie ou à croupe arrondie"
** "fichu en marmotte"
*** the heel and sides of the shoe