Galerie des Modes, 9e Cahier, 2e Figure

Elegant lady in informal gown of striped Indian Taffeta, trimmed with poufs in the same fabric. (1778)

Informal gown of striped Indian taffeta, trimmed in poufs of striped gauze; sleeves en pagode, with bonshommes; very high volante, headed with a trim similar to that of the gown, and with another band of it placed en barriere above the volante.

Black taffeta mantelet, with the ends of the hood coming to be lost under the contentement; these are called mantelets à coulisses; they are now the only kind in fashion, except among the devout ladies and certain ladies who are obliged by their age or other reasons to cover their chests.

Hair done in four curls, the fourth falling on the shoulder, accompanied by its confident; cap with lappets pulled up in the back, and gathered on their ends; ribbon en barriere, coming out of the middle of the papillon.

High-heeled shoes with square buckles, following the fashion of the day.

This Elegant Lady has removed one of her gloves and positioned one hand on her chest.  She swears to her love on that which is most dear to her to be always tender, always faithful: will she keep her promise?  Oh, what does it matter!  The rose lasts only a morning; it would perhaps be unjust to demand that her oath have the same duration.


  1. Thank you so much for posting these plates! Would that I had a costuming assignment in this period to use some of this grandeur! At some point, I would love to see some plates and commentary on what the men of the period were wearing...
    Nancy N

    1. There are a few gentlemen coming up! Not for a few cahiers, but they're coming, I promise.

      Glad you're enjoying this!


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