Galerie des Modes, 13e Cahier, 5e Figure

Young Lady in a Circassienne of Italian gauze with a petticoat made of the same gauze; the flounce is trimmed with a colored ribbon.  She is coiffed with a kerchief-pouf cap trimmed with pearls, with a plume on the left side in the Asiatic style. (1778)

Very elegant circassienne with amadis sleeves;* the bodice is closed, with a trim all around it, higher in the back than the front, and forming a collar or turned-down medicis.

The top sleeves, pulled up very high with a tassel, show their differently-colored linings: the amadis sleeves, or under sleeves, are trimmed in a chevron, with lace manchettes like men's.  Three tassels hang in front of the chest, below a neckline trimming over embroidered filet lace matching the manchettes.

Very large trimming on the gown, cut by two plain ribbons of another color; the back of the gown is pulled up like a polonaise, except that the tail must be of equal height with the very extended wings.

Very high volant on the petticoat, trimmed at the two ends with a ribbon matching that on the gown's trim, and under all, a large, bulging bouffante.

Pretty asiatic coiffure composed of a chien couchant with the curl on the ear and another falling; a double band of pearls, ending in tassels and placed en barriere, come to unite with a ribbon bow matching those of the trim, and hold a heron aigrette.  On the top of the head is a kerchief pouf cap, held by a second band of pearls.  The chignon is detached, allowing its end to fall on the point of the kerchief, and to flutter in the shape of a streamer.

* Wrist-length sleeves with narrow ruffles at the end; see also my earlier post on the subject


  1. So is "large, bulging bouffante" referring to a bum pad?

    1. I'm pretty sure. It's a bit confusing because sometimes "bouffante" appears to mean a puffy scarf around the neck!

    2. Haha, that's certainly not present in this one!


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