Galerie des Modes, 16e Cahier, 1ere Figure

Young Lady coiffed in a baigneuse with a satin pelisse lined with fur; the petticoat is trimmed with a sprigged linen flounce gathered in pipes. (1778)

 Half-parure, or winter négligé.  This Outfit is very sought-after by Ladies, in the morning when they are obliged to go out, whether to go shopping or for some other reason.  It consists of a pelisse, thrown without pretension over an elegant bedgown.

The Figure shows a young Lady, dressed in a bedgown with long linen sleeves, lined with a very yellow fabric, with a matching petticoat and volant; over the whole, a vast pink pelisse with a white cordon, positioned negligently and not fastened.  Her collar is decorated with a kerchief knotted in cravat style; medium cap with lappets pulled up in the back and trimmed with a boiteux ribbon, which is to say, one of two non-matching colors; brush in the coque; little muff in her hand, matching the cordon of the pelisse.  English shoes, easily maintained, and overall an air without pretention, to better impress it on the vulgar.


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