Galerie des Modes, 16e Cahier, 2e Figure

Young Lady on a couch, coiffed with a round Cap of brocaded linen, a band tied negligently around it; she wears a satin pelisse lined with fur over her deshabille. (1778)

Camisole with amadis sleeves of Indian muslin, lined with pink fabric, with a matching short petticoat.  Furred pelisse with cordon, covering the body; round cap, held in with a wrapped band, only showing one curl and the racine of the coque or front hair; filet lace fichu, shoes with bows.  This is, in few words, the outfit from this Print, which represents a young, careless woman who has become a mother.  One says careless, because she allows her chest to be uncovered when a nice muslin kerchief should protect it from the intemperate air.  This outfit can be put in the rank of morning négligés: it is the same as the previous degree of négligé but with a head without curls.