Galerie des Modes, 16e Cahier, 4e Figure

Young Lady in a taffeta gown of any color, trimmed with spotted gauze; the Parlement of white taffeta, trimmed with spotted blonde lace: an English Cap. (1778)

The Parlement is a type of taffeta, satin, or gauze kerchief, with a hood à coulisse.  This garment has been very much in fashion.  It is completely exclusive to the full parure; also the Figure represented in the Print is only dressed in an informal sacque with a medium hoop, and trimmed with spotted gauze.  This gown is seen from the back; the pleats are caught a little below the collar; previously these pleats were free and in box pleats: a flat, smooth back has since seemed more agreeable, and it is the fashion which remains at present.

Chignon knotted at the bottom with a half-braid; the two ends forming two large curls.  Hair in a racine droite, with two stylish curls, and on the whole a crayfish pouf.