Galerie des Modes, 17e Cahier, 5e Figure

 Hooded frock coat of red silk plush without buttonholes in front, lined in the same material in black.  The cuffs and shoes are black, the vest is of chinĂ© tricot, the breeches are of red Calamanco, the stockings are ribbed. (1779)

Frock-coat with hood and revers, held in on the front with a filigree fastening, with tassels.  The sleeve cuffs and button flaps in Mariner style, bordered with braid on all edges.  There is a type of silk reversed braid, with a narrow gold or silver one: one call this "economic Braid" or "English braid".
Worn hat, the three edges raised; handkerchief in the form of a cravat, knotted around the neck, and becoming lost under the jabot.  The rest of the description is found in the caption under the Print, expect the two watch cords, the high cane, the gloves, and the high-heeled shoes.