Galerie des Modes, 18e Cahier, 3e Figure

Ball Dress with sleeves à la Gabriele and a petticoat pulled up in basques; second petticoat with a trimmed volant placed en guirlande, of a different color than the first petticoat and matching the inside of the sleeves and the ribbons. (1779)

Ball Dress, destined to make the pendant* of the preceding print.  The bodice is very low-cut, trimmed with embroidery or lace indicating the cuts and ribs.  The mancherons are slashed and end with sabot cuffs of lace or Court sleeves, coming just to the elbow.

The skirt of the Gown is en fourreau, bordered with a trim matching that of the bodice, and pulled up in drapery with écuyers, bows, and tassels.

The Petticoat of a color different than the bodice is trimmed with Italian gauze, painted and making a garland.  The bodice, open in the front, allows an undercoat or doublet that matches the petticoat to be seen, and which can be seen through the slashes of the mancherons.

* An art object intended to be shown with a matching one, often in reference to portraits of a husband and wife