Galerie des Modes, 19e Cahier, 3e et 4e Figures

Bourgeoise at ease in a gown of striped satin, a blue satin pelisse with a large ermine border, and a white muff.  She has pattens under her shoes. (1779)

This man is dressed in an overcoat with brandenburgs of silk camlet, lined with marten; a cloth-of-gold vest with embroidered border, lined with white silk plush; breeches of velvet.  He wears pattens under his shoes. (1779)

BOURGEOIS COSTUMEAs it is amply detailed in the caption, we add only that the Man is dressed in a dressed-up Overcoat, edged and furred with squirrel, with buttonholes bearing oval buttons at each end, called à la Saxonne.  The Veste is of cloth-of-gold, with an embroidered border.

Note also the method of carrying a chapeau brisé under the arm, to keep from disarranging the hair.  This fashion has made such great progress that one has imagined hairpiece hats, or cardboard covered with black taffeta, and forming a triangle like the chapeau brisés.*

* "Broken hats", because they are made flat, to be carried under the arm and not worn.