Galerie des Modes, 20e Cahier, 2e Figure

Redingote with collar and bavaroises, a little fitted for riding a horse; morning vest with bavaroises, edged with an English braid; leather breeches. (1779)

"SQUIRE" REDINGOTE.  For several winters, the fashion has been introduced among the young Lords of riding horses in Paris during the morning, and among the outfits they have adopted for these courses, the costume presented in the Print is that which is the best put on.

It is a Redingote, cut in the ordinary style, with a collar with revers made without seaming, edged en systeme and trimmed with two rows of headed buttonholes for buttons made of the fabric of the Redingote.

Vest with revers, held back by steel buttons ...  Kerchief en cravate; jockey hat; two watches; ...; gloves and whip in the hand. Lacking only the horse and zest, the Squire would be already far from here.