Galerie des Modes, 22e Cahier, 6e Figure

Athalie's dress from the Theatre of the Comedie Fran├žaise.  It is taken here at the moment where in despair at the crowning of Joas she cries with violence, God of the Jews ... carry him away. (1779)

ASIATIC GOWN, crossing over the front of the bodice, having hanging pagoda sleeves, held in by a pearl barriere, trimmed around the edges with gold filigree fringe and sequins.  The bottom of the Gown is open in front; the left side pulled up under the belt and forming revers.  The right side hangs in drapery.

Corset with petticoat, through which the breastplate is seen, and the amadis sleeves escaping the Gown's pagodas; the petticoat embroidered with gold and silver, the bottom ending in fringe.

Over the whole, a mantle with trained tail, bordered and furred with ermine.  Crown is on the head, and the draped veil is thrown back.