I'm on Facebook!

Yes!  I figured out how to do it, and now you can get my updates directly from your Facebook feed (should you have one).  I'll hopefully be remembering to share every morning's post after I make it, but I also plan to use it for sharing relevant things I come across, and status updates on sewing that I wouldn't make a whole post on here.  Might be fun?

Also, while I'm on the subject, I have a Tumblr where I mostly try to be pretentious and write museum labels (but sometimes I'm more conversational) or repost historic fashion plates with their descriptions when available, Mimic of Modes.  And a little while ago, a friend remarked that there should be a Tumblr on the costuming of Downton Abbey and the clothes of that era, so I started Dress at Downton.  I'm pretty decent at keeping a queue for those two, so they update twice daily.


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