Galerie des Modes, 27e Cahier, 4e Figure

Young Lady holding her infant in her arms; she is dressed in a caraco à la Polonaise with bands and piping in another color: the bands are edged with a little blonde lace.  She is coiffed with a pretty straw hat edged with ribbon, with a trimming of gauze in the shape of a mushroom, and a twisted ribbon. (1779)

CARACO A LA POLONAISE, trimmed in bands, and crossing in front, with sleeves en parement in Peasant style.  The petticoat is cut by a half-apron, equipped with pockets and trimmed with gauze around the perimeter.

This young mother, who is walking her infant, has pierced ears furnished with little rings, called "night rings".  Hair en chien couchant, hanging chignon, with falling curls on top.