Galerie des Modes, 28e Cahier, 3e Figure

Caraco à la Polonaise trimmed with gauze, a colored ribbon on the top of the trim: Devonshire or Spa hat. (1780)

CARACO A LA POLONAISE, the body loose and floating at the waist.  Tour-de-gorge of a reversed Medicis, or raised collar; gauze kerchief, tied en cravate.  Spa hat, seen in profile.  Another view of this Coiffure can be found in the twenty-seventh Book, sixth Print.


  1. The multi-limbed toilet plunger intrigues me, but the real showpiece here is the face-eating bird.

    (I apologize for mocking these after all of your hard work translating and posting them... but good GRAVY some of these tickle me!)

    1. I don't mind! I always enjoy your fashion plate commentary.


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