Galerie des Modes, 28e Cahier, 4e Figure

Robe à la Circassienne, the flat trimming edged with gauze: coiffure belted with a ribbon trimmed with pearls, ending in a bow from which hang tassels: the top of the head decorated with flowers. (1780)

TAILED CIRCASSIENNE, lightly pulled up on the front with a cord with three tassels; flounced mancherons, parement round or en botte; the petticoat trimmed with a plain volant, very narrow.

Coiffure en herrison, surmounted by curls, and a ribbon trimmed with pearls, ending with tassels à la dragonne.*

* a braid tied in a loop on the hilt of a sword, ending in a tassel


  1. Dear Cassidy,
    What a pretty Circassian! DO you have any idea what they mean by "tailed" Circassian? Normally tailed to me means trained, but I see no train here.

    Very best,


    1. It does usually mean "trained", but because it's definitely not touching the ground, I assume it's supposed to refer to the way it's hardly pulled up plus the places of pulling up being so close to the front. "Tail" also gets used with the polonaises and circassiennes to mean the central pouf (the two side ones are "wings").

  2. Gotcha. Forgot all about the wings and tail of a polonaise. Sigh: so much to remember.




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