Galerie des Modes, 28e Cahier, 5e Figure

Young Bourgeois Actress studying her role; she is dressed in a Circassienne, the petticoat trimmed with a band in the color of the gown: all the trims are bordered with a blonde lace, a volant of gauze at the bottom of the band on the petticoat: the sleeves trimmed with gauze. (1780)

CIRCASSIENNE FRANÇAISE, thus called because it is hanging and trained like the Robes Françaises.

Coupé petticoat, that is to say, of a color different from the Circassienne.  Gown trimming en platitude, in the color of the petticoat, with a frame of gauze; little volant, headed with a flat trim in the color of the Circassienne, with a border of gauze.  Plain mancherons; short sleeves, in sabot cuffs.