Galerie des Modes, 33e Cahier, 2e Figure

Young Miss studying music; she is dressed in a caraco juste à la Polonaise.  Her coiffure is a milkmaid cap. (1780)

The first toilette of this young beauty is finished.  Pending the time of her usual morning walk, she goes to assure herself that her voice has lost nothing of its agreeableness and her fingers none of their suppleness.  She hopes also that the new air that she is undertaking to decipher will be soon interrupted by a certain awaited visit.  Also, she has particularly ensured the agreeableness of her négligé dress.  She has thrown over her shoulders one of these rounded caracos which fasten only at the middle of the waist; a wide gauze kerchief trimmed with the same, forming a too audaciously décolletée "gorgerette", always serves decency and coquetry.

To this so simple toilette a coiffure without finish is added; a slightly raised coque, supported on the sides with a fashionable curl, very low, and surmounted by a medium cap with rounded lappets, à la paysanne, across which is put a wide ribbon.

All is cool in this tableau: the coolness of a pure voice soon adds to that of her complexion and to that of the outfit of the young musician.