Galerie des Modes, 35e Cahier, 2e Figure

This figure is dressed in a Lévite fitted à l'Anglaise with little pleats around the waist.  The Coiffure is a coiffure à l'enfance. (1780)

"The farthingales of our mothers, their slashed and flounced fabrics, their ridiculous epaulettes, their pregnant minds[?], this multitude of sleeves of which some resembled veritable poultices[?], all have disappeared, except the excessive height of their coiffures: ridicule could not correct this recent custom: but this defect is tempered by taste and grace which reside in the structure of the elegant edifice.  Women, all things considered, are better set-up today than they have ever been: their outfits unite lightness, decency, coolness, and grace.  These gowns of a light fabric renew themselves more often then gowns which shine with gold and silver; they follow, as it were, the nuances of the flowers of various seasons.  They need only the hand of our marchandes de modes to change them with a so prodigious diversity of gauze, linen, and ribbons."

- Sebastien MERCIER, Tableau de Paris, édit. 1783