Galerie des Modes, 43e Cahier, 3e Figure

The amiable Constance holding the leash of a Lion-Dog and dreaming on that which her heart loves.  Her gown is à la Turque and her hat is à la Montgolfier, positioned on a baigneuse and belted with a ribbon fastened with an English buckle and with a panache. (1784)

Trimming of a Robe turque made by Mlle Bertin, marchande des modes to the Queen, for Mme de Bercheny.

"1785, March 24. - The trim of a Gourgouran robe turque, the fronts trimmed with a pleated strip of gauze with a scalloped bastard blonde lace, a garland of blue and white daisies on the head of the flounce, the white taffeta petticoat covered with a beautiful rich gauze in large pleats, edged at the bottom with a blonde fond d'Angleterre lace, the parements of the gown pleated with a little bordered net, the edges of the gown in bastard blonde lace. 360 livres.

Dossier Bertin, Doucet Library.