Galerie des Modes, 44e Cahier, 1ere Figure

The prudent Amazon in the full Figaro outfit, advancing with a circumspect air to the grove where she must find her lover: but taking care to be perceived. (1784)

"The Marriage of Figaro or the Mad Day, by Beaumarchais, played, with a keen success, for the first time by the actors of the Comédie Française in ordinary to the King on the 27th of April 1784, did not take too long to furnish not only names* but even ideas to the fashions of the day.

"It is not difficult to find points of comparison, for example, between this outfit au Grand Figaro and the costume of the barber as was worn by Dazincourt: 'Dress of the spanish major: ... a silk kerchief wrapped loosely on the throat; gilet and breeches of satin, with buttons and silver-fringed buttonholes; a large silk belt; ... vest of a sharp color, with large lapels in the color of the gilet ...'

"(* See the juste à la Suzanne and the Figaro coiffure, pl. 185, the gown trimmed à la Figaro, pl. 200, the costume of pl. 202, the coiffure à la Cherubin, pl. 211, the Almaviva hat, pl. 215, and finally plates 213, 222, 225.)"