Galerie des Modes, 44e Cahier, 2e Figure

The tiresome Finette, in a Juste à la Suzanne and coiffed en Figaro, holding with as much skill as negligence a country rose which is intended to please her. (1784)

Here is the costume of Mlle Contat who played the role of Suzanne in the Marriage of Figaro:

"Her dress for the first four acts is a white juste with basquines,* very elegant, the petticoat of the same, with a toque called, ever since, à la Suzanne.  In the party of the fourth act, the count puts on her head a toque with a long veil, with high plumes, and white ribbons.  She wears in the fifth act her mistress's lévite and no ornament on her head."

* Long basques; especially associated with Spain.


  1. "By the sixth act, Mlle Contat completely abandons every suggestion of propriety, and, after assuming the count's plumed toque, arranges her shift to imply the escape of one vagrant half of her bosom."

    1. You know, I've honestly become desensitized to crazy amounts of cleavage due to all the popped-out nipples in these plates.


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