Galerie des Modes, 44e Cahier, 3e Figure

The false pouter, in a spotted robe à l'Anglaise with a triple collar and a hat à la Caravanne, making signs of returning to the lover that her apparent rigor had forced to leave. (1784)

Gloves. - "Ladies wear, with their full parure, glazed gloves from Grenoble, laced and flounced.

"One finds them in the first quality at the shop of Mr. Buisson (of Grenoble), merchant of gloves and perfumes in the rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré, near the rue Royale.  All sorts of gloves for men and women are also found there, as well as all sorts of perfumes, essences, soaps, powders, Sultan, rouge, almond paste, and generally everything which is used in the toilette: all of the first quality and at a fair price."

Cabinet des Modes, 15 March 1786