Galerie des Modes, 46e Cahier, 6e Figure

The young indifferent woman, after having carried despair into the heart of her lover, and made him feel her cruelty to the folly of adorers who obsess over moments without ceasing, walks with no inquietude, coiffed à la Cherubin, having a mantelet à la Circassienne, a muslin gown with a gauze apron. (1785)

"Plain satins for gowns. - Violet and grape-green, mixed, glazed; violet and marigold, mixed, glazed; green and marigold, mixed, glazed; grape-green, plain; cashmere, plain.

"Gauzes, of Italy, à la d'Artois, à la crème, anglaise, puffed."

Journal général de France, 6 December 1785 (later the Galerie des Modes)