Galerie des Modes, 47e Cahier, 5e Figure

Woman of quality, recently up from her bed,* walking at noon to take the air: the first fruit of a happy marriage makes all her occupation, and augurs a lasting happiness: she is in a large satin pelisse lined and trimmed with sable in two rows, her head is enveloped in a Thérèse of plain taffeta. (1785)

The New Accouchée.** - "... The new mother of the capital lacks the most interesting charm which gives to her state a most respectable air: the child in its bassinet and waiting for its first nourishment from the maternal breast.  For a time, women have fed their own children: but this was only a fashion, it has passed.  Life in Paris will always be an obstacle to the accomplishment of this sacred task.  I have remarked that nobody dared to speak of the newborn to the father nor the mother."

SEBASTIEN MERCIER, Tableau de Paris, 1783

* The amount of shift sleeve showing (and the time of day) reminds me of the demi-polonaise, and I have to wonder if she is wearing a petticoat and not a gown beneath the pelisse.
** A woman who has very recently given birth.