Galerie des Modes, 48e Cahier, 5e Figure

The brilliant Nymph of the Palais Royal offering to the eyes of the public the charms of her figure and the elegance of her shape which attracts to her the most merited praises: she is coiffed à la Suzanne with a juste à la Figaro. (1785)

Palais Royal. - "There one can see everything, hear everything, know everything; there is plenty to do for a young man who is a little learned in detail; but that is also where the empire of debauchery is on an unbridled youth which, then widespread in society, walks there with a ton which is unknown elsewhere, indecency without passion.  Debauchery is eternal there; in each hour of the day and night, its temple is open, and at all sorts of prices."

S. MERCIER, Tableau de Paris, 1783