Galerie des Modes, 48e Cahier, 6e Figure

The beautiful Suzon sits in the Jardin du Luxembourg, meditating on diverse subjects that she has found in the book that she holds in her hand, and which take for her the place of pastimes and dissipation, in place of that to which she has given a rendez-vous: she is in a hat à l'Anglaise over a négligé cap and a full fashionable mamelot.* (1785)

"Sir Dubois, sergeant in charge of the guards of the Hôtel-de-Ville of Paris, residing presently in the St. Germain-de-Près Abbey, the court of the Princes, in the home of Sir Barbeau, Merchant Mercer, continues the flow of his new Pomade of Ninon, to remove freckles, which whitens and nourishes the skin, effaces wrinkles, as well as that of the evening to remove rouge and refresh the skin, and an Essence of Beauty for Ladies' complexion and the beard ..."

Journal général, June 23, 1785

* Literally this seems to mean "nipple"?  Figuratively it means a protuberance.  I suspect it refers to the hairstyle.