Galerie des Modes, 49e Cahier, 2e Figure

The frisky Lisette on a morning walk in the Jardin du Luxembourg: she is coiffed with a pouf à la Almaviva and dressed in a caraco and petticoat of taffeta striped à la Baroco. (1786)

"It was useless to recommend to our young beauties walking exercise, if fashion was mixed on it.  One tronchined* because coquetry found something in it.  The négligé toilette is a refinement of the art of pleasing.  A fine and delicate waist never fears to show itself in a caraco; the other sort is best in the gown à la polonaise and the pulled in mantelet.  The shadow of an ample calash lends more piquancy to the attractions which dread the brightness of the day.  A beautiful hand rounds itself on a cane which has no other use; frail ornament, that reluctantly takes these to which it becomes a necessary support."

* Took morning walks; from the name of Theodore Tronchin.