Galerie des Modes, 49e Cahier,1ere Figure

The blonde Mélite walking at noon at the Palais Royal in the grand path of the fair, hoping to see the one who has fixed her heart: she is dressed in an English gown, with a Devonshire hat. (1786)

Accessories made for Mme Fléminard by Rose Bertin:

1786, December 9 - a rose bouquet with two sprigs. ... 30 livres.

December 10 - A pelisse of white satin lined and padded, bordered with white fox fur all around. ... 144 livres.

December 16 - A straw hat lined and covered with white satin, a pink satin ribbon around the crown and a black ribbon. ... 36 livres.

December 17 - Furnished a petticoat of good crêpe, trimmed with a volant with a turned-down head of the same crêpe edged with cones of white satin. ... 96 livres.

A white straw hat lined and covered with white satin, trimmed around the crown with a white ribbon, a panache of 3 plumes on the side. ... 96 livres.

A very large kerchief of brocaded gauze, edged with white quilting. ... 21 livres.

A belt of very wide ribbon, striped green and white. ... 15 livres.

A pair of little manchettes of finely-embroidered gauze. ... 10 livres.