Galerie des Modes, 52e Cahier, 3e Figure

Lady of quality, a bouquet in her hand, breathing the good air at the Champs Elysées: she is in a hat à la Dorothée, trimmed with pearls and aigrettes, caraco à la Praslin edged with black with a trained petticoat. (1787)

"Today felt hats are made of wool, very light, with tints of different colors.  The most fashionable are the canary's tail yellows, the sky blues, and the apple greens.  They are of a great size and have brims seven inches wide.  They are trimmed around the squared crown with two wide colored ribbons which are tied to make a large rosette on the left side.  With the canary's tail yellow hat, violet ribbons are worn; with the apple green, pink ribbons; with the sky blue, white ribbons.  Under the rosette, three or four large colored plumes are attached.

"A very great assortment of these felt hats are found in the shop of Sir Donnet, hat-merchant of Paris at the rue Saint-Honoré, next to that of l'Echelle, who has already sold a great quantity to our Ladies, which appear very well."

Le Magasin des Modes, July 25, 1786