Galerie des Modes, 53e Cahier, 2e Figure

Young woman preserving herself from bad air: she is dress in a redingote à l'Anglaise and coiffed with a cap à la matineuse. (1787)

"Here is Fashion and she comes herself to instruct us.  For at least fifteen days, retrench the plumes and your coiffure.  While you murmur about it, and while I myself complain about it, it is necessary to obey.  You will take them back again in a little while; but during this time, they must be deposed.  Your head may only be covered with a Chapeau-Bonnette whose brim falls rooflike all around and whose crown, very puffed and very large, is tied with a ribbon, forming a large bow in the back.  There is your whole coiffure.  This hat may be of blue gauze, or if you like it better, pink gauze; it may be of a very light blue or pink taffeta, and tied with a violet ribbon, or a white ribbon; but there may be nothing more: I want it.  I only change what is in your parure; but it pleases me to change it."

Le Magasin des Modes, July 15, 1786


  1. That hat is fantastic! "Rooflike" is a good way to describe it. I don't understand the "forming a large bow in the back" part though, it seems to be forming a large bow on all sides.

    The buttons are great too. 1780s fashion does such wonderful things with large buttons.

    1. Oops. I've just realized that the fashion plate and the text are separate.

    2. Yes, unfortunately the original text that actually goes with the pictures for the 3rd and 4th volumes appears to be lost to history. :(

      I really love this hat and want to try to make one sometime.

  2. Replies
    1. It's pretty amazing! They exaggerated it so much that it doesn't even appear to be actually touching her head.


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