Galerie des Modes, 1er Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 5e Figure

Court Dress in winter trimmed with furs, etc. 

"... The trimming of a grand presentation dress, trimmed with six coquilles of filet an ell long, embroidered with very rich stones, the coquilles embroidered with a fringe with tassels of gold and silver, the bottom of the skirt edged with a foot of black velvet and a filet embroidered with stones, a garland of oval stones in the middle forming a garland; the top of the drapery pulled up with very rich bows of sequins embroidered with stones; the top of the pockets trimmed with a very rich silver-spangled wool gauze, the whole very fine; - the bottom of the gown in black velvet edged with a gold fringe, and three rows of stones embroidered on the black velvet; - the grand bodice of black velvet embroidered with very rich stones, and the underpetticoats of blue satin spangled finely with silver; - a tippet of fine, blonde, pleated petit pied lace and a pleated frill of the same blond lace and a fine golden wool, positioned in bouillons on the middle; - a pair of white satin ribbon bracelets, edged with a fine blonde petit pied, striped with two gold and silver lam├ęs, the whole for the sum of ... 3,500 livres."

(Following the preceding memorandum.)