Galerie des Modes, 55e Cahier, 5e Figure

Grand Chemise of plain Linen, trimmed with the same Linen in a volant with lowered têtes, the Collar matching: the Manchettes in small Lace trimmed with Linen with turned-up têtes, the Sleeves held with a pink Ribbon and the Belt of the same. (1787)

Earrings. - "The vast hats in all colors have made way for the coiffures au Coeur de Lion, à la Harpie.  But Women's enormous earrings which fall onto their shoulders, in the manner of the Kaffirs,* still have not ceded place to a more ridiculous fashion."

NOUGARET, The Anecdotes of the Day, 1787

* Now a racial slur in South Africa, but originally a neutral term for various African cultures.