Galerie des Modes, 55e Cahier, 6e Figure

1. Petit-Maître in a spotted Coat, white revers, little painted Vest, silk Stockings. 2. Vischoura* of satin, trimmed with fur. 3 and 4. Painted and embroidered vests etc. ... (1787)

" ...A few Gilets have recently been invented where one sees from the top to the bottom very pretty little people, galant or comic scenes, grape harvests, hunts, etc.  On some others one sees pass in review a regiment of Infantry, Cavalry, Dragoons, etc.  One is assured that a man who is passionate for beautiful things has ordered a dozen gilets that offer scenes from Richard Coeur-de-Lionla Folle par Amour, la Folle Journée, etc.** so that his wardrobe becomes a curious repertoire of theatrical plays."

Journal Général de France, November 19, 1786

* The Visherka River (francized to Vischoura) is in western Russia; this is probably another unfitted eastern-inspired garment like the polonaise.

** Richard Coeur-de-Lion premiered in 1784; Nina, ou la Folle par Amour in 1786; la Folle Journée, ou la Mariage de Figaro in 1784.