Galerie des Modes, 56e Cahier, 4e Figure

 Redingote closed in the front to the bottom with buttons of brilliants. (1787)

"The Beautiful Ladies
to the Handsome Men.

"Mssrs. Agreeable, who believe yourselves to be our masters, and whom we lead by the end of the nose; you who think you have such spirit and penetration: we feel very easy to see that you lack it.  How! for some years you saw us constantly dress ourselves in your hats, and you continue to wear them!  The adoption that we have made of this coiffure, has it not made you renounce it?  But no: you are so obtuse, that it is necessary to tell you everything.  Ah well, Sirs, we declare to you that we are taking the hat ...

"But, you will say, what will we wear?  Ah, our dear little Friends, we leave you the large caps, the baigneuses, etc.  You see well that we don't wear them anymore ... A very clear cap, very transparent, half advanced over the face, picks up the whiteness, throws a sweet reflection on it which highlights it, rounds the face, widens the eye and the eyebrows, and will permit you a little soup├žon of rouge which will make you charming ..."

Les Chiffres, by Mlle Javotte, 1787