Galerie des Modes, 58e Cahier, 2e Figure

Gallant with beautiful watch, looking for the sun at noon to check it, he is dressed in a ciselé Velvet Coat, egg-shaped Buttons, English Stockings, etc.

Baron's Costume.

"Scarlet frock coat, with black collar higher than the ears, to better set off his face, and six-franc coins for buttons: black gilet with three rows of buttons like lentils which touch each other; white breeches; serpent-skin stockings; waxed shoes; silver pins; for the coiffure, five blown-out curls on each side; in back, a queue three inches long and 5/12" in circumference; on the toupet, for the defects of the hair, a mastic of powder and pomade, cut with care on the forehead to imitate spikes; that which gives a very young air."

Les Chiffons, by Mlle Jovette, mender, Paris, 1787


  1. This is a gorgeous outfit, I want to wear it! I also like that it shows him holding his watch. I've seen pictures of watches and fobs before but this is the first picture I've seen of a watch actually attached to a fob.

    1. Yes, it's nice to see the watch! So many plates just show the chain and fobs hanging down.


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